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– Invite Storyteller, pioneer and writer Karen Blixen as your special guest!


Karen Blixens world consisted of life’s big questions, to which she responds with (often acerbic) humor. She grabs life by the horns, and travels through known and unknown landscapes.

Karen Blixen always goes the extra mile to achieve what she desires, and it’s a life affirming pleasure to be along for the ride.

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Enjoy a drink with Karen Blixen

With the generous support of Rungstedlund Foundation, actress Anne Lilballe perform the role of storyteller Karen Blixen at venues throughout Denmark and Scandinavia, and also internationally.

Length: Approximately 45 minutes, followed by a chat with Anne Lilballe as Karen Blixen.

Anne Lilballe takes the scene performing Karen Blixen. Possibility of music between talks, as well as refreshments.


Hear verbatim quotes, life mottos and anecdotes retold from the adventurous author.

Karen Blixen tells of her life as artist, time in Africa with the natives and her beloved Denys Finch-Hatton. Her mottos to live by move in three dimensions as she lays her destiny in the hands of fate as she throws herself into adventures in foreign lands. 

About my work

Karen Blixen is brought to life and her literature enlivened as I communicate her works and act the part of Ms. Blixen. Tales, verbatim anecdotes, life-lessons and Dinesen’s own experience are related firsthand through my character of this extraordinary and historic woman.

The idea developed…

The idea for this artistic project developed while I was performing at Kronborg Castle (Hamlet’s Castle) in Helsingor. When a colleague pointed out that I looked remarkably like Karen Blixen, the journey began.

Literary context

I represent Karen Blixens pioneering spirit and her desire to involve herself with what can be made of life – and to dare to follow one’s dreams, believe in fate, and find happiness. In one word, freedom.

Credits: Rikke Steenwinkel

The repertoire
– tales, letters & anecdotes

Hear the story of Babette’s Feast, the famous chef and the Parisian Cafe Anglais menu.

African Letters uncovers new and nuanced facettes of Karen Blixen’s personality.

Anecdotes from the African farm, the natives and safaris with Karen Blixen’s beloved Denys Finch-Hatton are cited verbatim give insight to the exciting and strenuous life on the farm.

Karen Blixen is renowned for and was guided by her mottos to live by


I am a graduate from The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

For 30 years I have been employed in the art and culture environment. As a professional actress and producer, I organize quality shows in close cooperation with organizers, producers, hosts and hostesses.

Credits: Rikke
Credits: © Rie Nissen / VISDA

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